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Electric Ireland
Energy Efficiency
Incentive Scheme

Making your home energy efficient is smart.
Getting money off your bill is smarter.

Upgrade Your Home & Save

Top up your Electric Ireland account with up to €408 on the Electric Ireland Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme.

Efficiency Measures Apartment
01 Roof Insulation €64 €104
02 External Wall Insulation €300 €472
03 Internal Dry Lining Wall Insulation €256 €400
04 Cavity Wall Insulation €164 €260
05 Gas/Oil Boiler with Upgraded Controls €268 €421
06 Heating Controls Upgrade €80 €128

How It Work’s

So you’ve decided you need some energy-saving measures in your home. The simplest thing to do is call us. We can talk to you about what your needs are and help you decide on the best measures for your home. Once you’ve decided on what measures you want to undertake, we’ll organise everything


Call Us

We talk about how you
can avail of the Energy
Efficiency Initiative



Next, we assess the job
and supply you with a
detailed quotation – including the grants and
incentives you are
entitled to.


Works Carried Out

If you decide to go ahead
with the measures, we
carry out the works. To
our usual high


Submit Details To
Electric Ireland

When the works are
complete and the job
paid in full, we submit
details of the measures
undertaken to Electric


Receive Confirmation
From Electric Ireland

You receive a
confirmation email from
Electric Ireland letting
you know they have
received your details.


Electric Ireland Account

Your energy efficiency
credit will then be
processed and will
appear on your next
Electric Ireland bill. This
typically takes 10 days.

The Measures

The initiative can be broken down into two distinct measures. Measures that improve the insulation of your home. And measures the enhance the efficiency of your gas boiler.

Energy efficient gas boiler inside a home

Gas Boiler Measures

The efficiency of a boiler over 15 years old is typically 70%. By using an inefficient gas boiler you could be wasting over €200 a year. By changing to an energy-efficient boiler you could start saving yourself money year after year.

There are three types of measures you can undertake. .

  1. Install a high-efficiency gas boiler.
  2. Install heating controls in your house.
  3. Remote access – control your home heating from your phone.
Man applying external wall insulation render

Insulation Measures

Did you know that a huge amount of your home heating can be wasted by not having the house properly insulated? Heat can escape rapidly through your walls, your roof and your doors and windows. A home can lose over 30% of its heat through poorly insulated walls.

There are three types of insulation measures you can have carried out. 

  1. Cavity Wall Insulation
    If you have cavity walls, insulation can be injected to fill the cavity.
  2. Internal Wall Insulation
    Also known as dry-lining, it involves fixing insulation to the inner surfaces of the external walls.
  3. External Wall Insulation
    Insulation is fixed to the outer surface of the walls of your house. It’s more expensive but highly effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get cash?

You do not. It’s not a grant. You don’t get cash. It’s an incentive. What this means is that you get credits on your Electric Ireland bill. Think of it like topping up your phone. You apply for the incentive. If successful Electric Ireland will, on average, credit €408 to your Electric Ireland account.

How can I apply?

You can apply through us.

Does it only work in conjunction with the SEAI grant?

The Electric Ireland Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme can be done on its own. Or as part of the SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme. Though It would make little sense to not avail of both schemes. If for instance, you are planning to have External Wall Insulation measures carried out on your home, it makes sense to avail of both the SEAI Better Energy Home Scheme and the Electric Ireland Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme – as you will receive assistance towards the works, through both schemes. Rather than just one.

How much is the grant for?

The average amount of credit awarded is €408. It varies depending on the types of work carried out and dwelling type (apartment vs house).

Why bother?

You get a warmer and more comfortable home, reduced heating bills which saves you money, while increasing the value of your home. It’s a win-win. 

From a bigger picture perspective – you’ll be helping, in a small but meaningful way, to tackle the larger issue of Climate Change. By reducing the amount of fossils fuel that is used to heat your home.

Is the Electric Ireland Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme valid with other energy providers?

It is not.

I’m not an Electric Ireland customer. Can I switch supplier

Yes, you can. Visit  www.electricireland.ie/switch or call 1850 30 50 90. Obviously, you need to switch supplier to Electric Ireland to avail of any measures under the  Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme

The list of qualifying measures is complicated. Help!

  Absolutely. Call us on 1890 911 922 and we can explain, in plain English, anything that’s unclear.

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