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Customer Reviews for External Wall Insulation

Clare Conn - Balally D16| ★★★★★


Completed :    July 2018

Churchfield Home Services recently completed external insulation on my house and I couldn’t be happier.

From the very start, Sean Ruane looked after everything for me, he was very responsive, giving me the best advice and answering any questions I had. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with him. The workmen were extremely polite and were very considerate, never interfering with my day to day while doing the work. In addition to this they made sure around my house was spotlessly clean every evening before finishing up.

I am so pleased with the finish, it has given my house a brand new look and I can already feel the benefits as my house is lovely and warm when I get up in the morning.

From the minute the scaffolding came down, I had 12 people come over to see the finished work and they were all admiring the quality of the finish and how well it turned out.

I would highly recommend Churchfield Home Services to anyone looking to get home insulation works on their home.

Teresa and Barry - Glenageary | ★★★★★


Completed :    July 2015

We would like to thank Churchfield Home Services for carrying out the external insulation on our home recently. We are more than delighted with the appearance of our home and are looking forward to a very cosy winter!

We would like to thank Thomas Ryan and John Rowland for their help and advice. A very special thank you to Alex and Victor who carried out the work. They were hardworking, neat, tidy and true craftsmen.

A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product!

Thank you Churchfield

Una - Dublin 12 | ★★★★★


Completed:    June 2015

John was very clear in his communication, and listened carefully to all requirements and considerations. He provided informed and intelligent feedback on our ideas, and we were very happy with both the survey and the quote.

The quote was very clearly itemised and easy to understand. The work was specified to a quality level that we were comfortable with, and individual costs were very clear

Keep up the excellent level of customer service - we have been very happy with the project from beginning to end, and were delighted with the customer service from John, Mark, Killian, Marilyn and Maureen.


Rita - Rathfarnham | ★★★★★


Completed:    May 2015

"I came to Churchfield Home Services on recommendation and I must say I was highly impressed with the service I received. The Project Manager Tony O'Brien gave excellent customer service and was so easy to deal with, as were his team, both of whom were excellent workers. Because of this service I will be recommending your company to anyone thinking of insulating their home"



Ronan - Dublin 7 | ★★★★★


Completed:    April 2015

"We were extremely satisfied with Churchfield Home Services, especially with our Project Manager Tony and his team, Lukas and Marcin. They were professional, hardworking, neat and tidy and performed the work to a very high standard. Tony was also very responsive to queries as the project progressed. The communication was very good.  I would be more than happy to recommend Churchfield Home Services."



Eileen - Dun Laoighre | ★★★★★


Completed:    March 2015

"From the first phone call to the final hand over I have found Churchfield to be totally committed. They kept to their word around the work time frame. We were informed at every stage what was happening and could ask any question at any time. Their workers on site were discreet and friendly. The Project Manager was always available to explain something or to answer any queries. I would be very happy to recommend this company to anyone."

Kieran - Sandycove | ★★★★★ 

Completed:    June 2014

“Our house was a cold house we just moved in and something we had wanted to do was improve insulation. We noticed that is was much cosier once we got it done. Our friends had got it done and recommended it to us so we went for it. I have to say Tony was first class and very obliging as were the guys at the house, they were neat and clean in their work. Our house has limited space for scaffolding and parking but it was not a problem for them. You would not know they were there. With Tony nothing was a problem he would discuss it with you and it all went very smooth."


Jim & Marian - Skerries | ★★★★★


Completed:    June 2014

"We had a cold house which was facing the sea, the house was built in 1978 and it had no insulation at all. We noticed the difference immediately, there was no draft in hall anymore and the house much warmer. The lads on site were fantastic they took pride in their work, they were clean and tidy and made sure they cleaned up after themselves. Overall a really good experience and would recommend it. In face people stop me when I am in the garden & walking down the town to ask about it. The Churchfield experience is one to be remembered and I am looking forward to a comfortable winter at last."


Colm - Drimnagh | ★★★★★


Completed:    April 2014

"We were conscious that we were losing heat in the house and it was cold we have a north facing gable wall. The first few nights after it was put up there was a definite difference it kept the house nice and cool in the summer. The work was very good and professional, Fred and Tony were excellent they looked after themselves and there was no hassle. Our neighbours were commenting on the look of the house after."



Lorna - Malahide | ★★★★★


Completed:    April 2014        

“The house had no insulation so I wanted to get external insulation. It was warmer straight away, I was very pleased with Alex & Victor. They would not take any time out, and could not have been nicer. Tom dealt with all my problems and was very charming I could not recommend them highly enough"



Dave - Swords | ★★★★★


Completed:    June 2014

"The house was built in 1971 and there was little or no insulation in house there was some internal slab downstairs but there were drafts getting in and there was no insulation in bathroom at all. It much warmer immediately there was a noticeable difference. The house retains heat if we are cooking we need to open windows. We decided to get it done now that we have the money and we will be happy in the winter that we got it done. Tony was brilliant I could not complement him enough as were the lads Eddie and Lucas. We needed to get access to our neighbours garden and they were so respectful and took care not to affect them.”



Fred - Foxrock | ★★★★★


Completed:    March 2014

"It is a 1962 house so there is no insulation, it is about 1800 square feet so it is hard to keep the house warm. We seen the team at a neighbours place and decided to do it. The house looks so much better and it is nicely finished. The guys at the house were very good, Tony kept the same guys here throughout the job and they were excellent. They worked very hard in bad weather with lots of wind and rain. Tony kept us informed during the bad weather when work had to stop. They covered the cobbles up and drive up all around the house. They brushed up every day and were very reliable I would be happy to recommend Churchfield.”


Mary - Ballinteer | ★★★★★ 


Completed:    February 2014

"Our house was cold there were drafts coming the gable end we would have the heat on for hours and there would be no impact. We noticed that after there were no drafts and nice feeling of being more sealed in from the bad weather. I have to say Thomas was excellent and they did great work. If they were ever delayed with traffic they would ring ahead and at the end they tidy up after themselves. John and Shane the guys that were doing the attic were very nice and accommodating. Thomas looked after the little things like painted window sills and fixed our gutters which was important for us most workmen are fine for big but don’t like doing small jobs.”


Conal - Howth | ★★★★★


Completed:    February 2014

“We were looking to save on energy and increase the comfort of our old house which we always felt was cold in the winter. We did see a big improvement with our gas consumption reduced and a noticeable reduction on the bill. The project was well managed by Thomas and the lads were tidy.”


Margaret - Malahide | ★★★★★


Completed:    November 2013

"My house was very cold so I wanted to make it warmer. Afterwards the house retained heat much better and would retain it for many hours. Thomas, Alex and Victor could not have been better, they were here on time and had little or no breaks. They looked after themselves and left the place spotless every evening I have been recommending Churchfield to our neighbours and friends"


Customer Reviews for Heating & Plumbing


Clare -Dublin   | ★★★★★


Job Completed:        February 2017


The Project Coordination team were so flexible with installation dates and extremely efficient with all correspondences


Sai - Lucan | ★★★★★


Job Completed :    January 2016


Shane has installed the boiler and zoning. It all went well and we are very delighted about it. Shane and Ciaran are very professional and did their job very well. They left the place clean and neat after all the work. Boiler and heating controls are working great now. Thank you very much for your help and arranging all this.


Emma and Jeff - Wicklow | ★★★★★


Job Completed :    November 2015


Mark and Ciaran have just left after spending almost three weeks here. I cannot speak highly enough of them. not only do they appear to be amazingly gifted at the plumbing and heating work itself, their tireless work ethic, good humour and unending willingness to meet all demands no matter how big or small with a positive attitude is unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

They have worked incredibly hard and we are thrilled with the results. I am a very picky lady and I can't find one single criticism or fault of them or their work.

You should definitely give them a raise as they are unlike any other tradesmen we have worked with before and we have done many renovations over the years. I will be recommending Churchfield to everyone I encounter based on our experience of Mark and Ciaran.

Mark Carney - Dublin | ★★★★★


Completed :    August 2015

These guys were great - did a real good job installing our new boiler and zone controls. Any time I have had an issue since this work they are always quick to respond and resolve the issue. Example, my heating wasn't working as it has not been turned on for over 3 months, Churchfield were at my house 1 hour after I called to fix the issue.

Owen - Howth | ★★★★★


Completed:    April 2014

“Our house was always a house that was difficult to heat, we have a large living room that would not heat and yes it is much easier to heat the living room now, upstairs is warmer and we noticed the heating bills were less we are using less gas. There was a good crew of lads knew their job, we got extra work done and anything we wanted they did it well. They were easy to get along with.”










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