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SEAI - Better Energy Home Scheme



Providing homeowners with grants to upgrade their homes with energy efficiency measures, reducing energy use, costs and green house emmissons.


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Available to all homeowners

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How SEAI Better Energy Homes Grants works?


Churchfield Home Services is a registered SEAI contractor, allowing our customers to avail of substantial grants towards their hime improvement works.


SEAI -Better Energy Homes is a Government scheme giving fixed cash grants to homeowners for insulation and heating system upgrades all with the aim of helping to make your home more comfortable and cheaper to run.


Available to all owners of homes built before 2006, they are not means-tested and are available nationwide.


There are 7 easy steps to follow:


1. Decide the works to be completed & review the grant you wish to apply for.


2. Pick Churchfield Home Services as your Registered SEAI Contractor.


3. Apply for the SEAI grant to get approval.


4. Works completed by us to SEAI standards.


5. A BER Rating must be completed & published by a registered BER Assessor. (We will sort this for you).


6. Submit the completed forms to SEAI


7. You recieve the payment direct into your bank account


GRANT INCREASE 2018 - Read More


The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE), Denis Naughten T.D. is announcing a shift in the Government funded energy efficiency schemes, representing a major step in the transition towards decarbonising our heating and the Energy White Paper’s vision of a low carbon energy future.


In this regard, we are delighted to inform you for a number of grant increases to the Better Energy Homes grant programme, which will come into effect in 2018.


New improved grant levels under Better Energy Homes from 15th January 2018
                                                                                                           Current    New
Heating Controls                                                                               €600         €700
External Wall Insulation        Detached                                          €4,500      €6,000
                                                  Semi-detached or end of terrace      €3,400      €4,500
                                                  Mid terrace or apartment                 €2,250      €2,750
Introduction of Heat Pump Grants
A new heat pump grant will be added to the existing range of measures. This is expected to be available from April 2018 onwards. Further information regarding this new grant will be made available in April 2018.



How will this affect applications?
All current and open applications for External Wall Insulation and Oil or Gas Boilers with Heating Controls will be paid at the current grant rates up until the 15th January 2018.
The removal of the €100 grant for oil and gas boiler upgrades should not impact on future applications as this amount has been applied to the Heating Controls grant, increasing the Heating Controls grant from €600 to €700.

How Much You Can Earn


Depending on the measures carried out on your home, you will be entitled to various grant amounts. The more measures you carry out on your home, the more you earn with the SEAI Bonus Grant.


View a full list of qualifying measures & grant information here




What Grants Are Available:


Energy Efficiency Works Type of House Grant Value


Attic All €300
Cavity Wall Insulation All €300
 Internal Wall Insulation Apartment/Mid-Terrace  €1200

Semi-Detached/End of Terrace

  Detached House   €2400
External Wall Insulation  Apartment/Mid-Terrace  €2750
  Semi-Detached/End of Terrace   €4500
  Detached House    €6000
Heating System   
Heating Controls Upgrade  Only All  €600
Solar Heating All €1200
Heat Pump *Expected to be available from April 2018  



Further Grants are Available


SEAI offer a further cash grant to homeowners who opt to have more than 2 measures carried out on their home. These grants are also available to previous applicants who wish to get additional works done.


Bonus Grants

Grant Available

3rd Measure €300
4th Measure €100


How To Apply 


There are 2 ways to apply for the SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme Grant


1) Online

Suggested method of applying as you receive immediate approval. 


Apply Online Here




2) By Post

Download and complete a paper form and return to the SEAI Offices. You will receive a response within 5 working days and you will have 30 days to return your acceptance of the grant offer.


Download Application Form Here or Call 1850 927 000


Return your Application Form to:

Better Energy Homes scheme
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.O. Box 119, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry



Before you apply, please note:


  • Only eligible for homes built before 2006
  • Grant approval must be in place before works commence
  • Grant works must be completed to SEAI standards by a SEAI registered contractor 
  • Grant works, including a published BER, must be completed and paperwork submitted to SEAI within six months of the grant offer





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